What is Touhou Giveaways?

The Touhou Giveaways group was founded by Archi on February 18th 2015. We're small, ratio-based group, sharing the spirit of giving away and winning games on SteamGifts. You might already recognize us from awesome events that we organize from time to time, or from our deadly ArchiBoT AI that is keeping everybody in shape.

We have implemented many unique features into the simple concept of a private giveaway group, and today we are probably the most "technologically advanced" group that exists on SG. The objective is simple: the group should be a nice addition to the SteamGifts community and should require no extra effort from the member. Therefore, apart from the group on Steam we have a bot, chat, website, userscript, daily gaming sessions, touhou radio, SG events and a friendly community that is always happy to help, chat and get along with.

All group giveaways are tracked by our bot, which automatically handles everything - adding new giveaways to the database, spotting winners, calculating points and ratio, detecting current/finished giveaways, preparing statistics, and much more. We even reward members with our very own touhou achievements for creating and joining giveaways! Our group is fully automated, and thanks to that, our members can focus on having fun participating in the community activities instead of being forced to waste time manually keeping track of all of that themselves. This way everybody is happy to make giveaways the same way as public or invite-only ones, and ArchiBoT does everything else. We even created our own userscript which enhances further SG experience, because we value THAT much our small community.

To make the precious data gathered by the bot available for the members, we also coded our very own Touhou Giveaways website, which acts as a "frontend" to the data gathered by the bot. Members can check their stats, ongoing giveaways, points and many other useful information we provide in a nice, fancy and modern way. We even have a shop with some extra neat features, where you obtain coins by participating in giveaways and earning achievements. Capitalism, ho!

We're always actively working on improving our group even further. Many things are being added and improved as the time goes. It's not possible to list them all, as we're constantly bringing up new ideas how to further enhance our group and ensure that it's the best possible SG group experience that can ever happen to SG user. Everybody has a say in here, if there is a rule we don't like, then we're getting rid of that and replacing it with something better. If there is ongoing conflict or issue with something specific, we're working together on solving it in calm atmosphere. If there is any idea raised by somebody that could improve the group, we're doing everything we can to make it happen.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for members who:

  • Fulfill all of our requirements (rules), that can be found on the website. Most are affecting you the moment you join, but it's important to know what you can expect before you decide to apply.
  • Like our group concept, especially community-focus. If you'd like to meet some new friends while having great fun winning giveaways, this group might be just for you.
  • Enjoy winning and giving away games in a nice, small group of friends. CV is not everything, and if you're seeing a group as a pure source of games exchange, this group is not necessarily for that purpose.
  • Being active in our Touhou group chat will be a great plus - this is the primary way of group interaction, and it's greatly appreciated if we can see that you care enough to join us on usual basis and tell us more about yourself.
  • Being "recognized" in SG discussions or on SG Discord server will be a plus, as it's a direct sign that you care about the community, however, this is definitely not a pre-requirement.
  • Having a good ratio on SG will be a small plus, as we can be sure you're not here for giveaways only. However, this is not even a secondary factor - just giving back every once in a while is enough.
  • A recommendation from our members will be a plus.

We're organizing recruitments hosted on SteamGifts from time to time. If you're looking to join, keep an eye on them and do not forget to apply when the time is right. You might also want to join us on the chat if you'd like to learn more.