Hello there, if you're currently reading this, then it means that you're interested in joining Touhou Giveaways, or you are already a member. In the latter case, congratulations!

By reading the introduction, you'll get information about how our group works in-depth, so you can be accommodated faster and avoid common mistakes, questions and other issues.

To roughly start, you should read the rules first, and make sure that you understand and agree with every one of them. Not following the rules will eventually lead to being kicked out of the group. We do not tolerate leechers and we're actively preventing them from leeching on our good members, so if you're here for that reason, I suggest leaving before you actually encounter the wrath of ArchiBoT. :3

As you should know from the rules already, you are required to earn at least 20 points prior to joining any private giveaway. All the data you need can be accessed through our awesome website. Joining giveaways prior to reaching that requirement will lead to being automatically kicked out of the group before said giveaways finish.

The main rule is to keep your ratio at 0.80 and above. You should never fall below the 0.80 ratio, and if you do, you should immediately exit all ongoing giveaways until you're able to raise your ratio again back to 0.80. Joining giveaways while having a bad ratio is considered as potential leeching and may eventually result in getting kicked from the group if our bot considers so. If you decide to leave the group while having bad ratio, this will be considered as being kicked from the group as well. Leaving with a positive (0.80+) ratio won't have any further consequences.


That was the rough part of the introduction. Now we can move on to the cool part. :3

All group activity is tracked by our bot. It acts as a chat bot and group bot, and helps us organize everything, saving time and makes sure that we, humans, won't make any unnecessary mistakes. Bot automatically tracks all group giveaways, their creators, points, winners, multipliers and everything else. You literally don't need to do anything apart from playing according to our rules. No need to announce your GA, no need to post in a thread about it, and no need to add it manually to our database. Everything is automated. Just make sure that your giveaway meets all the requirements above, as it may not get counted otherwise. Bot polls SG every 15 minutes, which means that all giveaways and winners are refreshed every 15 minutes (if there is no downtime between the bot and SteamGifts of course).

Algorithm of the calculation of points is mentioned in the rules. Just a small note: points are awarded to creators and are spent by winners after giveaway has been marked as received. So if there are no downtimes, you should receive your points in ~15 minutes after the winner marks your giveaway as finished. In case of any doubts, issues or questions about the bot, or its job, please contact me (Archi) on the chat.

ArchiBoT also offers extra functionality for you to make your life easier. Apart from all group automation mentioned above, you can use several additional features for easy access to various things, e.g. your group's activity or how potentially wanted given game is. Check out ArchiBoT features page for more info.

If you're not going to use our userscript, we recommend subscribing to our group announcements so you won't miss any important info.


It's nice to note that you can also set your own custom value for any giveaway you want. You can achieve that by putting a special TouhouValue: X line in your giveaway's description. Check out our example giveaway to see how it works in practice.

You can access the data about everything regarding you and Touhou Giveaways through our awesome website.

You should know that we have a very active group chat. It's a perfect place to learn more about us, talk casually, exchange ideas and in general, get along with the rest of the community. It's not mandatory to be active on chat, but we greatly appreciate that, and if you wish to meet some new Steam friends, this is probably the best idea. Our chat is open to both members and guests, so you can join regardless of whether you're a member, a potential candidate interested in the group, or just a casual Steam user looking for new friendly SG folks. Again, it's entirely up to you if you wish to participate in the chat or not. However, we'd appreciate if you did.


It's nice to note that giveaways don't need to be exclusive, as they are in other groups. This means that you can create a giveaway that includes, for example, your whitelist and a few other groups you like, and still earn your points. However, keep in mind that in such case you get points only for winners that are part of Touhou Giveaways, so it's wise to avoid creating semi-exclusive giveaways if you're currently fixing your ratio, as bot won't reward you for any copy that has been won by someone outside of the group. Same goes for winners, so if you win such giveaway it'll get counted towards your ratio. By default bot applies a value of 0 to shared giveaways (which means, it's free for all), but you can set any valid value you wish through custom value mechanism already described above.

Exclusive giveaways, or semi-exclusive ones can be posted in exclusive giveaways thread, as it was done during ancient doc times before implementing an bot. This is no longer required, but you may still use the thread for giving your giveaway a bit more interest. All giveaways, and their respective data, are available on our website.

Apart from exclusive, and semi-exclusive giveaways pointed above, we sometimes host various SG community events. Those are announced at least a week in advance and usually encourage all group members to participate, be it in organization or just submitting giveaways. You can also organize your own event with the help of the rest of the group, just let us know!

Lastly, a small note about leechers. You won't get any points for giving away a game to a user kicked from the group prior to end date of that giveaway. It's a rare case, but sometimes it happens, and you should know how to deal with it. If a winner is not a part of the group anymore, you should contact SG support for a "request new winner", and selecting the "no longer a group member" reason. They'll need a confirmation of the fact that the leecher has been kicked prior to giveaway end, which can be obtained from our staff. After that, a reroll will be granted and a current member in the Touhou group can receive the gift instead, or no one in the case that the leecher is the only entrant who entered such giveaway. You can easily check if a winner is still part of the group on our website.


I think this introduction should cover everything you should know. In case of any questions or issues, you should already know that you'll find us on the chat, so feel free to join and discuss. :3

Just a small reminder one last time - you must earn at least 20 points prior to joining any Touhou giveaway. That is mandatory.

Oh, yeah, don't forget to synchronize your SteamGifts account, so you'll be able to create and join Touhou Giveaways.

We wish you much fun and many winnings, hope you'll have a great time!

~Touhou Giveaways Staff