• Your SteamGifts account must be at least level 2 in order to join, no exceptions.
  • Rules may be subject to change. All important changes will be announced through group announcements on Steam.


  • You gain touhou points by creating giveaways, and you spend touhou points by winning them. Every giveaway has a base value predefined by our bot (explained below). Giveaway creator may use base value, or custom value (which can't be higher than base one). This is called a final value. For every giveaway you create, you receive its final value multiplied by number of winners (from our group) that marked the game as received. For every giveaway you win, you spend an amount of touhou points equal to the giveaway's final value. In short, winners are transferring their own touhou points to giveaway creator.
  • You must always keep your group ratio of awarded / spent touhou points on at least 0.8. In other words, you're allowed to spend 5 touhou points per each 4 you gain. This is called touhou points allowed, and running below touhou points allowed is equal to running below 0.8 ratio. You should ensure that you'll never run below your allowed touhou points.
  • However, we do not punish for being lucky, and it is possible to drop below the minimum allowed ratio when you win a lot of giveaways in a short time - in this case, you should fix your ratio ASAP, as we reserve the right to kick you at anytime while you're below the minimum allowed ratio, regardless of how many giveaways you have running.
  • Dropping below minimum ratio too often will result in being removed from the group.

Giveaway's value

  • Base value of the giveaway is equal to base value of the game from Steam store (SG points required for entering the giveaway), multiplied by a final touhou multiplier that is based on game being given away.
  • Final touhou multiplier has 2 different base multipliers that are summed together - bundled multiplier and community multiplier. Community multiplier is further defined as a sum of raw wishlists multiplier and relative wishlists multiplier.
  • Bundled multiplier is based on bundled status of the game. Bundled games receive a multiplier of 1, while never-bundled games receive a multiplier of 2. We follow SteamGifts logic in this matter.
  • Raw wishlists multiplier is based on total number of wishlists for your game compared to most wishlisted title. It has a dynamic range from +0.00 (not wishlisted by anyone) to +1.00 (wishlisted by the same amount of people as top wishlisted game).
  • Relative wishlists multiplier is based on number of wishlists for your game compared to amount of people that do not own that game yet. It also has a dynamic range from +0.00 (not wishlisted by anyone) to +1.00 (wishlisted by every person that doesn't own the game yet).
  • Taking into account all the details above, this effectively means that the game can have a multiplier within the range of 1.00 to 4.00. We intend to reward people for creating giveaways that are wanted by our community.
  • Bundled multiplier used in a giveaway can drop from 2 to 1 if your game gets added to the bundle list with a date prior to your giveaway creation. This can result in touhou points being recalculated for the creator and winner(s) retro-actively, same as CV on SG. Other multipliers (as well as base SG entry cost) are not affected and will not change after the giveaway has ended.


  • You must earn at least 20 touhou points in this group prior to joining any private giveaway that you would not be able to join otherwise (including free ones). You have 3 weeks from joining the group to meet that requirement.
  • Being part of the group requires activity. In order to be considered active, you must create successful giveaways that have a combined total of 20 touhou points of base value, OR spend at least 20 touhou points on giveaways you win, within a period of 2 months, counting from the end date of each giveaway. Please note that these are two isolated cases and they're not summed together. You only need to do one of them to be considered active in the group.
  • An AFK infraction is received for not following the group activity rule, and must be corrected within one week of receiving the infraction. Typically one of our staff members will warn you and allow you to correct your mistake only once. AFK infractions expire after a year since their end date.
  • We expect from our members that they'll be grateful for all the giveaways they win. Please don't forget to say thanks after you win a game, be it in comment, or in private.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from the group at any time, with or without cause or notice, effective immediately. Being part of the group is a privilege, not a right - acting in a way we consider inappropriate, regardless if prohibited or not, might lead to appropriate consequences. This includes, but is not limited to: insults, racism, disrespect, trying to game the system for your own gain, or acting in any other way we don't consider appropriate.


  • Considering region restrictions and blacklists, for a giveaway to be considered valid it must be redeemable by 50% or more of the group members, last for at least 24 (but preferably 48) hours, and with a level requirement no higher than level 2. Giveaways that do not meet these requirements will have a forced final value of 0.
  • If the game given away is not redeemable in any specific region, it should be clearly stated in the giveaway description, together with appropriate region locks set in the giveaway itself on SG.
  • There is no quota or required giveaways count. You're free to plan your giveaways however you wish.
  • You're also free to create multi-group and/or whitelist giveaways too. Such giveaways are considered "shared" and have a custom value of 0 by default. You may set such giveaways as non-free to receive touhou points, by using a custom value.
  • If you set your shared giveaway as non-free, you will receive touhou points from every member of Touhou Giveaways who wins such giveaway, as long as that person is not a member of any other group included in the giveaway. In other words, if you made a 3-copy giveaway for our group and group X, and you had 3 different winners - from our group only, X group only, and a member of both groups, then you'd receive touhou points only from the first one. Only the one you receive touhou points from would count towards your group activity.
  • Winners follow the same rule. When you win a (non-free) shared giveaway, and you do not belong to any other included group in that giveaway, you spend the appropriate amount of touhou points (final value) on it.
  • In order to join a group giveaway, you must have at least 2/3 of giveaway's final value in touhou points allowed. In other words, if the giveaway has a final value of 120 touhou points, you must have at least 80 allowed touhou points in order to join it.
  • Games you obtained for free, e.g. directly from developers, for a review or through a promo, must have a maximum of 1/4 of the base value. If we suspect that you got a key for free, we might ask for a receipt that was given to you as proof of purchase. Trading is not a valid excuse. In the case of third-party giveaways that are not given in mass quantities, it's evaluated on a case-by-case basis, depending on actual probability, required effort and likewise. It's not our intention to make those games disallowed, but we do not want to see them as a majority of giveaways that you're ever doing.
  • Final value of the giveaway will be reduced if giveaway creator accumulates more than 500 total touhou points. The reduction percent is equal to the ratio of giveaway creator reduced by 1.25, with minimum value of 0.00 (1.25 ratio and below, 0% reduction) and maximum of 1.00 (2.25 ratio and above, 100% reduction). The objective of this rule is to keep the Touhou economy healthy, preventing people from starving it by hoarding all the points.
  • The group permits using custom giveaway rules, as in specifying who exactly from the group is eligible to join a giveaway, and what exactly the winner is supposed to achieve after winning. This allows giveaway creators to put extra measures, such as ensuring that their new expensive AAA game will actually be played right away by somebody who would appreciate it, and not collect virtual dust. To use a custom rule with a giveaway, it's required to get a permission from one of the staff members first prior to creating the giveaway. The rules must be stated and final before making the giveaway, they should be fair and not discriminate against any member, and preferably be possible for everyone to achieve, but the final word always belongs to the staff. Once custom rules are approved, all group members should respect giveaway creator's decision and make sure they pass all the rules prior to joining a giveaway, as not abiding by the approved custom rules will be grounds for being removed from the group. In order to apply for custom rules, please contact with our staff, either on our chat, or privately.


  • Blacklisting other group members is generally discouraged, but allowed in limited quantities and circumstances.
  • Regardless of personal agreements, you may never blacklist more than 25% of the entire group.
  • If both members agree on blacklist, then it's totally fine in terms of the group, as it's your choice and we have nothing to do with it.
  • If you got blacklisted by another group member and you're not fine with that, you should firstly contact the user privately, and discuss it with them.
  • If doing the above doesn't solve your problem, then you're allowed to let us know about the situation, and we'll do our best to resolve it.
  • Doing so will involve asking both members for their point of view, actual situation, reason of blacklisting, and everything else which is required to know more about the particular case.
  • After doing such an interview, we'll state our decision, which is final and must be respected by both members.
  • The final decision can be various, depending on particular case, including: invalid reason and requesting blacklister to remove his blacklist or even kicking him out of the group, totally valid reason or even kicking blacklisted member for something we don't consider appropriate, non-obvious case and refusing to state which side is proper, or even kicking both members for negatively affecting the community, if deemed appropriate.
  • In any case, the decision is final and not respecting it will lead to being kicked out of the group, regardless of the outcome. That's why we suggest a private talk between both members, and not involving us into your problems, as blacklist is personal and it should stay like that. If you force us to take part in it, we will do what we consider appropriate, which might not always result in sharing your point of view.