Touhou Giveaways Helper is a userscript for SteamGifts.com. Once installed, it automatically extends your SG experience by adding group-specific features and making them easier to use. The script is useful only for existing members of Touhou Giveaways group.

The script may be enhanced in the future, according to feedback of our members and our own ideas. Using the script is not mandatory, it's offered for free to every Touhou Giveaways member to save your time and enhance your experience with the group. We hope that you appreciate our efforts and like it as much as we do.


Installation depends on the browser you're using.

For most of the popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and Safari, we suggest installing tampermonkey. Check out the website for instructions on installing the addon for your own browser.

After installing the addon, you're ready to install our script. You can do so by reviewing our script here and clicking "install" when tampermonkey asks you what to do with the script. Keep in mind that if you didn't install tampermonkey properly as explained above, this won't work and you'll get an empty page with the source code instead.

If everything ended successfully, after refreshing SteamGifts.com, you should notice some neat improvements being visible right away.

Giveaways list

As you can see, our userscript adds a tiny bar on the top of the page that displays latest Steam group announcement (if you didn't read it yet), as well as your nickname and amount of allowed Touhou points, together with easy access to your full profile page if needed.

Apart from that, it shows the precise cost of each Touhou giveaway, which allows you to skip checking that info on the website, or (even worse) calculating yourself. The box with the cost will also change its color appropriately depending on whether you have required amount of Touhou points to join, or not.

Creating new giveaways

The script also allows you to create Touhou giveaways more easily. It adds "3a" section to giveaways creation page with two Touhou buttons. First one will fill the rest of the giveaway properties with default Touhou values and allow you to further modify them, second one will do that and automatically move to the next screen. Thanks to that, you can pick a game, select the type and number of copies, and then click one of our buttons to automatically fill starting and ending date, region restriction, group restriction and put a default TouhouValue in the description. Of course, those are only default values, and you're free to edit them however you wish afterwards.